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1968.10 Established DAE SUNG Co.
1969.03 Installed plating and painting facilities.
1972.08 Military supply contract firm of Korean Army registered.
1978.03 Admitted as faithful enterprise to report by the Office of National Tax Adm-
1978.04 Painting facilities changed to electric method.
1984.05 Chosen as a prospective small and medium enterprise.
1985.07 Moved to Sasang National Industrial Area with enlarged plant.
1985.08 Started with exporting business(10 countries in the world).
1986.02 Installed infrared-type Painting facilities.
1987.02 Acquired "Q"Mark in the Guaranty Test of Quality Control.
1987.03 Start to register Patent Right on.
1987.08 60tons mechanical press m/c installed.
1990.02 Expended factory area.
1992.05 Computer system installed in office.
1993.03 Registered as official supplier to Korean Electric Corp.
1996.05 LAN connection and High Speed Netwrok for internet installed.
1997.08 Installed Die casting facility(upgraded).
1998.10 Changed to new painting facility.
1998.12 Changed to DAE SUNG Co.,Ltd. from DAE SUNG Co.
1999.03 Double capacity of electric power.
2000.01 Approximately 500 customers worldwidly.
2000.09 Subsidiary companies established DONG JIN Co. and DONG WON Co.
2001.06 Established plating company, DAE JUNG Co.
2001.06 Approval of ISO 2000 and ISO 9001.
2001.06 Established China factory, DAE SUNG CHINA Co.
2001.06 Established office and factory in Thailand.
2002.04 Installed High Speed Internet Line (optical fabric line).
2002.04 Oeko-Tex Standard 100 registered.
2003.11 Stone Grinding facility upgrade.
2003.12 Sub-factory DONG WON Co. and DONG JIN Co. upgrade.
2004.01 Re-open office in Seoul.Korea.
2004.02 Painting facility upgrade.
2004.05 Auto spray m/c.
2004.08 Open new ROOM for developing peoples.
2004.12 Total client PC upgrade.
2005.01 Internet line speed upgrade -- 1,000 Mbps (1.0 Gbps)
HUB speed upgrade -- 1,000 Mbps(1Gbps)
2005.01 Install "FIREWALL" to protect our server and clients.
2005.02 New computer program (ERP) installed to control production.
2005.03 Zhongshan office open in China.
2006.08 Air purification (cleaning) m/c.
2006.09 Auto filtering part install.
2007.04 QC upgraded to R&D, lab test m/c upgrade.
2007.10 Subsidiary company, Daeyoung 1st factory established.
2008.03 Conveyer system for painting room.
2008.03 Accurate dry oven install in R&D.
2008.08 New mold shop open in Daeyoung 1st.
2009.06 Automatic booth for painting upgrade.
2009.11 Tensile test m/c upgrade(run by computer).
2010.01 Xrf test m/c install.
2010.03 Subsidiary company, Daeyoung 2nd factory established.
2010.07 Vacuum coating m/c upgrade.
2011.04 New plating m/c and process upgrade.
2012.10 Changed to DONG JIN Co.,Ltd from DONG JIN Co.